Dec 14_98 We alone are unable to fight the evil we have sown.




A Message from God the Father to J.V.


God the Father Speaks,
Write My son. My Heart’s delight is fulfilled when I see you alongside My Son in the manger, when I see that through humility and in free will you surrender to the Life of My Son, which is mine.

My Heart’s delights flow freely upon you and in abundance when you realize that I, thy God, have always taken care of you, strengthened you, and loved you. My Heart’s delights are yours and through them, My Heart is committed to providing you with all that is necessary for your mission and your sanctification on Earth. My Heart’s delights are Magnificent, of Pure Love for my children, for I seek only your well being.

I know all that you will have to undertake on Earth. I know each and everyone intimately, I know all your actions and moments, for nothing escapes My Wisdom and in spite of your deficient Love, lack of commitment, and devotion, I still Love you.
I forgive all, I repair all, I justify all, but the decision of salvation lies in your will, in your acceptance to follow Me, in your acceptance to lead a Life of Light in My Will or a life filled with darkness alongside My enemy. I can not force you but I can guide and insist upon you to take the way of goodness and eternal life. I have given you My Commandments, written in fire in your heart through My Holy Spirit of Love, Who abides in your heart. The Tablets of My Law were written in My Burning Fire, the same Fire with which I have shaped My Plan in your heart, the same Fire that shall bring you Eternal Life should you accept, follow, and love them, knowing that if you follow My Mandates you are fulfilling My Divine Will. However, these Words written in Fire shall be your judgment for all eternity and they shall consume you in an unquenchable fire if knowing My Will, you reject it and betray My Love within you, accepting evil in your heart.

I offer you many moments during your lifetime to return to Me. This Advent is a time of Grace that I offer you to reflect upon My immense act of Mercy: of having sent you My Only Son, Jesus Christ. This season is a time of spiritual preparation, to instill in you a change of heart and a change in your behavior towards thy God and brethren. It is a time of salvation through which I enable a new beginning –a new Life for all mankind— by granting you the Grace of having My Son in your midst. My Heart’s delights are fulfilled when you acknowledge them, are grateful for them, accept them, and turn over a new leaf.

You must admit that for the most part you have lived your life in error. My Holy Spirit consistently shows you the way, yet you do not heed His Words, His Guidance, His Truth and continue to live, or more so, die in the sins that you have preferred to the Life I offer.
My children, momentous times of change draw near; wondrous moments of My Magnificent Mercy will be revealed to you so that I might save My people, people willing to follow their Shepherd, for as such will He be known when He unveils Himself to you. I NEVER abandon My People, My children, My own. I give of Myself completely to save souls. My enemy always tries to distort My Truth and he places you in situations where there is no way out, that envelope you in darkness, that lead you into eternal damnation, desolation, and despair. I am the Life, I am Peace, I am Joy, I am Salvation, I am Infinite Forgiveness, and I am Love in all its facets, which are infinite.

You shall ALWAYS find shelter in Me; everlasting peace. In Me there is never room for doubt, nor rejection; I always seek out the lost lamb, the afflicted lamb. I know your defects and I always try to reconcile them as long as you seek Me out, accepting and asking for forgiveness for your errors and sins, alongside My afflicted Heart. If you could only see the profound pain your sins inflict upon Me, even the most insignificant sin, you would not stop crying for days, or months, on end. You would see My unconditional Love and your sins treading heavily upon It; you would see your frailty and your contempt towards thy God compared against the relentless quest of My Heart to save you. I Love you always, each and everyone, I gave Myself fuly through My Son, through to the last drop of blood and Love. I gave Myself as a loving guide through My Holy Spirit that abides in you. I love you My children! I Love you to the point of My Heart’s despair, just to save you. During your lifetime, at every given moment I seek for an opening to your heart that will allow me to enter and inhabit you fully. I give you infinite joys. I give you peace of heart in so many ways, so that you may come to recognize Me in all events. I give you My Love through My creatures and nature, so that you may acknowledge them, place them in your heart, and in meditation you may come to realize that thy God is with you always. You speak of coincidences: in Me this do not exist for all is driven by My Loving Heart. All that moves your heart towards repentance, reflection, and realization of having committed an evil against thy God, comes from Me and is granted to bring about a change, a new spiritual life with thy God, for your good and for the propagation of My Love to those around you.

Step by step, I bring you towards an understanding of My Divine Design. Little by little, I show you, within your heart, what is most convenient for your future. I gradually show you My Loving Designs for the creation of My Kingdom on Earth. Step by step, I reveal to you My Heaven alive within your heart. Yet, most shut out My Voice within you. You do not follow My Designs of Love and Salvation. You alone create a world without Love, without God, without a future Life in Love. You once again slay Me and by doing so, you impede any available help from reaching your soul. By turning your soul against thy God you reap only evil –your own condemnation.

You are unnerved by the turn of events in the world, the disasters and deaths, the radical climate changes, and with having evil boldly walking your streets and forcibly entering your home. You know that you are no longer able to fight, let alone win against the overwhelming evil that you have favored. You are now faced with a dead-end street. The evil you have favored has begun to corrupt the family. The evil you have favored has begun to destroy My churches. The evil you have favored laughs brazenly in your face. It is eating away at you bit by bit and you can no longer detain it for you have given it a life of its own. You have nurtured it and so, you and yours, shall suffer for your error. You have taken a stance against thy God and Lord, True God, True Way to Salvation. You have not listened to His Designs or His Loving Words and have instead opened your ears to evil’s perverse snares. By failing to listen to thy God, you shall suffer what you have sown; you will reap lies, evil, perversion, persecution, and death.

After the purification a New Life will emerge. Purification and purging of the chaff scattered through out the world that seeks to drown out the good seed that still loves Me and which, notwithstanding the wretchedness of the world, holds true to My Word and My Love. The chaff shall be cut and thrown into eternal damnation, because that is what you have sown and harvested, because that has been your goal in life, because you have preferred the ways of the world and putrefaction, all the while knowing that you deeply offended Me, knowing that I consistently sought you out, and still you persecuted Me until you were able to completely annihilate Me from your heart and from your children’s hearts. You taught others how to attack Me, you drove them away from Me arguing that they were weak and instead, you created in your heart what you considered to be powerful mountains to be used against others, fed by evil and My abandonment. You did not allow Me, thy God, to act in your favor. You deliberately distanced Me from your life so as not to hear My Voice that accused you, that guided you, that Loved you. You filled your heart with lust, evil, and lack of charity towards your brethren. You lined your pockets with unimaginable wealth, covered in human blood and pain. You did not wish to listen to My Voice that beckoned you to repent. You shut out My Voice by eliminating My Priests who tried to make you reconsider your evil ways. You encouraged evil, and much like a babe that when nourished grows and matures into manhood, –becomes stronger as you grow older and weaker– so it is that now, having reached the apex of power, evil will turn against you.  You will be unable to stop it on your own for evil does not acknowledge, nor is it grateful towards its creator or protector. Evil always betrays, and so it shall betray you. You have nurtured it, wrongly believing that it will protect and pamper you; evil does not flatter anyone, evil seeks only destruction and condemnation for all, including those that took care of it, helped it grow and exalted it. I warn you of this situation because you have reached the time of trial, the time of Harvest. I caution you only because I Love you and because I await your repentance and return to Me, thy God. All he, who draws near to Me, shall enjoy Eternal Life. Your past is unimportant; I await your sincere, profound, and heartfelt repentance. I await the plea from your heart to Mine. I await your heartfelt return to Infinite Love, acknowledging Me as your God and Creator and only through Whom you can be restored to Life, yet recognizing yourself as a misery that has grievously pained Me.

My children, because I Love you all and want you to abide in My Heart, I give you this time, as a gift, to reconsider your lifestyle. Do not be afraid, come to Me and I shall engulf you with My Love.  All I ask is that you turn to Me with a contrite heart and I shan’t even let you speak –your humiliated presence shall cry out to My Heart and through your repentance, reap the purification of your sins and obtain Eternal Salvation.

My children, I sacrificed Myself completely for all and thus, I shall never abandon you for I yearn to save you ALL. I Love you Infinitely and await your return to your Heavenly abode. Fight with Love and Truth as your weapons of choice. Fear nothing for thy God shall NEVER abandon His children, not even those who have strayed, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. I Bless you and grant you all the Graces and Gifts that you will need in these times of trials in Truth and Love. Take your weapons and defend with purity of heart, that which is yours: I, thy God, and your freedom. Your triumph shall be Mine and your reward shall be Eternal Life within My Heart filled with unimaginable gifts. May My Everlasting Love be always with you and yours. Cloak yourselves with the armor of Love and evil shall not prevail against you.